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All Fees

There are a number of ways to fund the services you receive which Carers Direct Homecare are happy to discuss with you and guide you in the right direction. Our fees vary, depending on when we deliver them, so please ask us. If you are starting to think about getting some extra support at home within Leicestershire then you may be able to get support from the local authority such as Leicester City Council or Leicester County Council or Continuing Healthcare Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Firstly you will undergo some assessments to determine, what sort of care and support you might need, and secondly the amount or mode (direct payments) of funding that may be available for you.

If you are eligible for support from the local Authority in Leicester, an allocated Social Worker will help guide you through how they will support, offering different methods of financial support. One of the newer methods is called a 'Direct Payments', which means you can manage your own support and have a greater influence on who provides it. We can help explain this system and if you wish to use our services, help you manage your budget easily. This method is becoming more popular these days because you have much more of a say in how your support is planned and delivered.

If you are in a position to pay for the support yourself, Carers Direct Homecare will explain precisely how our services fit with your desired support plan and how much they will cost. It is important that a full understanding is there right from the start, meaning that you can have confidence in us helping you to achieve what you wish and prefer. We can deliver 24/7 hours of personal assistance in your own home. It can be related to live in services, sleep in services, awake nights, sitting services, domestic support, dementia, mental health, sensory impairment or any other relevant health issue such as MND (Motor Neurone Disease).

Ways to pay

When we first meet you, we will explain how our services are paid for. It can be a little confusing sometimes, but we will help you through the maze so that you are clear how things work.

You may have help from the Local Authority in the form of a personal budget which means you may not be paying anything directly yourself. It is still important that you can manage your budget, so Carers Direct Homecare will ensure we will discuss with you what it allows and how your local system works. This will then be reviewed on a regular basis so you are in control. Another way of funding your support may be with a direct payments (allocated to you by your local authority). This will normally mean that you are making payments yourself for your support out of the money they give you. We will discuss with you how you manage your budget, allowing you to use it most effectively. If you are being supported by the NHS, you may not need to have any involvement with the bills and we will deal directly with your local CCG.

People who pay privately will have a clear payment structure, there are no hidden extras, and we will send your bills at an agreed time.

We also have arrangements with advocates and family members, so we are familiar with other people arranging and paying for your support. If you would like someone to deal with us on your behalf, just let us know.

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