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Carers Direct Homecare - Foster Caring

Aims / Objectives to expand in Fostering:- 

  •      Provide an available and professional 24 hour a day service for children, foster carers and local authorities.
  •      Ensure the provision of secure, consistent and safe care to all children and young people placed.
  •      Provide a stable, nurturing and stimulating environment where the children and young people will have a positive experience of family life.
  •      Develop professional foster carers who respect and value difference, and encourage children and young people to be proud of who they are.
  •      Provide opportunities for children and young people to remain with their siblings or have contact with their siblings and birth family members.
  •      Provide a bridge between the past and the present, the present and the future, for all children and young people placed with Carers Direct Fostering.
  •      Provide a service that works for children and is focused on meeting their needs and fulfilling the potential of all children and young people in our care.
  •      Promote educational attainment and meet the health needs for children and young people.
  •      Work with local authorities and other agencies in helping to meet the aims of each identified care plan and achieving positive outcomes.
  •      Provide an environment in which children and young people have a smooth and positive transition into adulthood.
  •      Provide a service that allows parents to be placed with their child(ren) and assessed to their competency to care for the child safely and appropriately.
  •      Recruit a range of foster carers in an efficient, effective and timely manner to meet the diverse needs of children and young people referred to Carers Direct Homecare.
  •      Provide foster carers with the necessary support and training for their continuing development, with the aim of an overall robust package of professional support and financial remuneration in order to protect placement choice for children and young people.
  •      Recruit and maintain a team of managers, practitioners and support staff who are appropriately qualified and trained in order to provide a high level of supervision and support to all foster carers.
  •      Carefully match the identified needs of children and young people with the skills and experience of our foster carers.
  •      Carers Direct Homecare recognises the importance of the contributions that children, young people and foster carers make to the development of the service, and will ensure that they participate in our process of continuous improvement.

The above are plans for future and any suggestions / advice on this subject are welcome. We are in the process of planning to apply for the registration for Foster Caring in Leicester.

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