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External Holding Team
Carers Direct Homecare wants to work with Leicester City Council and Leicester City CCG who are looking to purchase some additional block provision from our Domiciliary Support Service in Leicester to act as holding capacity for new cases/service users until a long-term provider of care can be sourced.

We at Carers Direct pride ourselves on providing excellent and responsive services, particularly for people being discharged from hospital at what can be an anxious and unsettling time for the Service User and their family. 

We appreciate the pressures that currently exist within hospitals, and the difficulty in getting appropriate and timely care in place to support people to return to their homes quickly and safely. 

We believe that our organisation is very well placed to deliver these short-term bridging packages that are being sought by Leicester City Commissioners in order to help alleviate the pressures.  We want to provide the number of care hours per week that respected Commissioners are seeking, and within the time frame from referral.  Our robust processes and procedures, coupled with the quality and experience of our care workers, will ensure that Carers Direct can provide a high-quality service right from the outset of this job. 

Carers Direct are passionate about delivering high quality services to the local population of Leicester, and love what we do. We care deeply about all our Service Users and we place them at the centre of our care planning and delivery.

Better Care Together Leicester Our Approach- Person Centred Care in Leicester - (including childcare)We consider the social, psychological and spiritual needs of each person as well as their care needs.  Person-centred care involves valuing each individual.  As we said on our home page, it personally matters to us that each and every one of our clients is happy with their care. Whatever someone’s age or infirmity, colour or gender, they are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.  Our carers will do everything they can to provide a Quality Care Service. Providing person centred care also involves recognising and supporting the unique personal history and personality of individuals.  Live-in care is an ideal way to do this as the client remains in their own home, even when they require full time care, and the care plan is based around the lifestyle of the individual. Obviously there are certain constraints as we also have to take account of legislation and the well-being of the carers but we do everything possible to fulfil a client’s individual requirements.Person centred care also requires carers to try and understand the world from the perspective and experiences of the person they are caring for and be able to demonstrate empathy through actions and support. This is particularly important when the person being cared for is experiencing  dementia