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Carers Direct Homecare wants to work with Leicester City Council and Leicester City CCG who are looking to purchase some additional block provision from our Domiciliary Support Service in Leicester to act as holding capacity for new cases/service users until a long-term provider of care can be sourced.

We are planning to move our office at 50 Main Street, Leicester LE5 6GB this year and are working towards completing all the necessary requirements before we move to our new place in Leicester. Once we have completed these then we will declare about our new address. If you have any questions in the mean time do not hesitate to contact us anytime.  

 "We want to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community of Leicester and Leicestershire. If you belong to this group, please let us know while we are carrying out assessment of your needs. This will help us to focus more on Equality and Diversity aspect of Care needs outcomes."  - Manager, Carers Direct Homecare

We are a Leicester based agency located in LE1 area of Leicester. Carers Direct Homecare is an equal opportunities employer and constantly works on the choices and preferences of our service users who demand specific language speaking care support workers or healthcare assistants. Our workforce has multilingual skills such as Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Kutchi, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and many more languages. This enables us to provide the best care towards diverse population of Leicester and Leicestershire and promote independence without language barriers.

We are recruiting experienced care workers who have minimum of Level 2 Health and Social Care qualifications. Apply today with your CV.

Carers Direct Homecare have launched Care Certificate standard subjects training for Care/Support Staff in Leicester:

What is the Care Certificate*?

The Care Certificate is the start of the career journey for these staff groups and is only one element of the training and education that will make them ready to practice within their specific sector.  Although the Care Certificate is designed for new staff, new to care and offers this group of staff their first step on their career ladder, it is also offers opportunities for existing staff to refresh or improve their knowledge. 

The Care Certificate sets out explicitly the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected in both sectors, ensuring that the HCSW/ASCW is caring, compassionate and provides quality care. The Care Certificate standards are listed below.
The Standards:

1. Understand Your Role
2. Your Personal Development
3. Duty of Care
4. Equality and Diversity
5. Work in a Person Centred Way
6. Communication
7. Privacy and Dignity
8. Fluids and Nutrition
9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
10. Safeguarding Adults
11. Safeguarding Children
12. Basic Life Support
13. Health and Safety
14. Handling Information
15. Infection Prevention and Control
* ref:

Level 2/3/5 Health and Social Care QCF:

We have enrolled our staff to level 2 and 3 health and social care QCF. 
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